The World’s Greatest Project Manager

Thompkins is ready to hire his new employees, but he’s mind is blank. Waldo suggests him to search for a consultant, someone who can help him during the interview process, and that is how he discovers Binda, the world’s greatest project manager in her day. The only problem with it is that she is a bag lady. This shows you that no matter the appearance of the person, it may be better than you for something, in this case for management. Belinda Binda tells Thompkins the most important thing I’ve read about in the book, “Management is not a cerebral science, Management is in the gut, in the heart, and in the soul”.

Once he meets Binda, he hires her as a consultant and starts the interview process, in which they talked with 30 managers in order to discover the best ones for the project. And of course, he learns to listen more than you speak, since that is the way to find the best candidates.

Sincerely this is an interesting approach since it tells you that you can’t judge anyone, because they may surprise you.


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